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Title: BlackCraft x Extrax Collab 2g THCa Disposables: Elevate Your Experience


Indulge in a superior vaping journey with the BlackCraft x Extrax Collab 2g THCa Disposables. This premium collaboration embraces the dark and edgy aesthetics of BlackCraft with the cannabinoid expertise of Extrax, offering a unique and potent blend of THCa, Delta-9p, and Delta-8 THC, combined with live resin for a remarkable effect. 


Flavors & Strain:
The BlackCraft x Extrax Disposables come in three exclusive flavors - Nocturnal, Higher Spirit, and Devil’s Lettuce, each promising a rich and unforgettable vaping experience. Every flavor is carefully crafted to reflect the distinctiveness of this collaboration, providing a tantalizing journey of taste and potency with every draw.


Product Features:
- **Potent Cannabinoid Blend**: Filled with 2 grams (2000mg) of potent cannabinoid blend comprising of THCa, Delta-9p, and Delta-8 THC, this disposable is designed for those seeking a higher level of elevation.
- **Live Resin Enriched**: The inclusion of live resin enhances the natural flavors and effects of cannabinoids, offering a fresh and potent experience.
- **Ceramic Coil Heating Element**: The ceramic coil ensures an even heat distribution for a smooth and consistent vaping experience, amplifying the effects and flavors.
- **Draw-Activated Firing**: Simplifying the vaping process with draw-activated firing, this feature enhances the ease of use, making every session hassle-free.
- **Battery Life Indicator**: The LED battery life indicator keeps you informed about the battery status, ensuring you’re never caught off guard.
- **Compact and Stylish Design**: The sleek, black design reflects the dark aesthetic of BlackCraft, making it not just a vaping device, but a style statement.


The potent blend of cannabinoids and live resin ensures a range of effects to satisfy various preferences. Whether you're looking for an uplifting, energetic buzz or a calm, relaxed vibe, the BlackCraft x Extrax Collab 2g THCa Disposables cater to every mood, making every vaping session a personalized experience.


The BlackCraft x Extrax Collab 2g THCa Disposables transcend the conventional boundaries of vaping, offering an exquisite blend of taste, potency, and style. Explore the darker, more potent side of vaping with this exceptional collaboration that promises not just a product, but a journey into the realms of high-quality cannabinoid enjoyment.




These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to treat, diagnose, or cure any diseases. Must be 21+ years of age to purchase. Keep Away From Children. Use products only as directed and always consult with your physician before using any of these products. Do not drive or operate machinery when using this product. Do not use if pregnant or nursing. All products contain <0.3% Delta 9 THC on a dry weight basis and are produced in accordance with the 2018 Agriculture improvement Act.

BlackCraft x Extrax Collab 2g THCa disposables


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