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An image of the exterior of the Blind Tiger Wellness & Smoke Essentials


Welcome to The Blind Tiger, a revolutionary wellness center where we celebrate the diverse world of holistic well-being. Our story is one of transformation, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to providing a haven where individuals can explore the realms of cannabis, botanicals, smoke essentials, and beyond.


Amid the peaceful chill of Maryland's 2019 winter, Nicholas and Megan Patrick embarked on a heartfelt venture, the Embrace CBD Wellness Centers. Armed with modest resources but boundless dreams, they aimed to foster a culture of wellness and education around hemp. Their passion bore fruit as two more shops sprang to life, each becoming a cherished community hub for exploring the benefits of cannabis.

But as 2021 unfurled, storm clouds brewed on the horizon. The heavyweights in the cannabis sector, leveraging the Maryland General Assembly and state regulators, began encroaching on the thriving hemp industry. The enactment of Maryland's 2023 cannabis law landed like a ton of bricks. It imposed a harsh ban on the sale of hemp products with specific THC concentrations by unlicensed businesses. This law hit the heart of Nicholas and Megan's enterprise, forcing them to shutter the doors of two Embrace CBD locations. The financial hit was staggering, the emotional toll even more so. The dream that had blossomed into a community of wellness was now facing a harsh reality.

Undeterred, Nicholas and Megan embraced resilience. They rebranded their last standing store as The Blind Tiger Wellness & Smoke Essentials. The name "The Blind Tiger" echoes the spirit of resistance from the prohibition era, symbolizing resilience and the unyielding spirit to provide the community with what it needs against all odds.

The legal battlefield was their next arena. Alongside a coalition of hemp businesses, they took on the draconian regulations. They tirelessly lobbied through the legislative session, their voices resonating through the halls of justice advocating for a balanced and fair regulatory framework. It was a relentless, grueling battle.

The tide turned when a judge granted a pause on the ban, a monumental win not just for them, but for the whole Maryland Hemp Industry.

Today, The Blind Tiger stands as a beacon of wellness. Its diverse offerings of small-batch craft cannabis and premium hemp products beckon both seasoned enthusiasts and the curious. "The Velvet Curtain", Maryland’s first Botanical Lounge, invites patrons to a world of unique botanical concoctions. And for vaping aficionados, a top-notch selection awaits at the Vape Shop.

The saga of The Blind Tiger is a testament to Nicholas and Megan Patrick's unyielding fight for a fair playing field in the hemp industry. It’s a narrative of resilience, community spirit, and a quest for a balanced and fair market in Maryland, against all odds.

White Rocks
A photo of Nicholas Patrick - Owner and Founder of The Blind Tiger Wellness & Smoke Essentials
Nicholas Patrick

Nicholas Patrick is a fervent advocate and entrepreneur in the Maryland Hemp Industry. Co-founding Embrace CBD Wellness Centers alongside his wife Megan in 2019, he aimed to nurture a culture of wellness and education around cannabis. His tireless advocacy for fair regulations and passion for his customers showcases his unwavering commitment to the hemp community and his enduring resolve to contribute positively to the wellness narrative in Maryland.

Photo of Megan Patrick Owner and Founder of The Blind Tiger Wellness & Smoke Essentials
Megan Patrick

Megan Patrick is a co-founder of Embrace CBD Wellness Centers and The Blind Tiger Wellness & Smoke Essentials. As an owner and founder, Megan's steadfast dedication forms the backbone of the enterprise, embodying the essence of resilience and community-centered ethos that defines their ventures. Her indomitable spirit continues to fuel the growth and nurturing environment that patrons have come to cherish, making a significant imprint on the wellness landscape in Maryland.

Photo of Courtney - General Manager of The Blind Tiger Wellness & Smoke Essentials
Courtney H.

Courtney Hancock, as the General Manager of The Blind Tiger Wellness & Smoke Essentials, has been with us since day one. Entrusted with the vital role of ensuring customer satisfaction, her leadership has been instrumental in building a loyal customer base. Courtney's unwavering commitment to our customers' wellbeing is a testament to her dedication and the high standards of service that define our establishments. 

Photo of Gabby S. - Sales Associate at The Blind Tiger Wellness & Smoke Essentials
Gabby S. 

Gabby S., our valued Sales Associate at The Blind Tiger Wellness & Smoke Essentials, embodies a unique blend of empathy and plant passion. As a medical patient herself, she has a keen understanding of the nuances in recommending the right products to our patrons. Gabby's genuine care for people, coupled with her personal experience, enables her to provide insightful guidance, making a meaningful difference in our customers' journey towards wellness.

Photo of Amanda L. - Sales Associate at The Blind Tiger Wellness & Smoke Essentials
Amanda L. 

Amanda L. is our in-house Kratom and Nootropics expert at The Blind Tiger Wellness & Smoke Essentials. Her wealth of knowledge, paired with a passion for natural alternatives to prescription medications, greatly benefits our patrons. Amanda’s ability to connect with customers on a personal level, coupled with her intelligent guidance, makes her a vital part of our team, enriching the customer experience with her expertise and genuine care.

Prince Rogers Nelson Aloysius Johnston III - Our store puppy
Prince Rogers Nelson Aloysius Johnston III

Prince, our four-legged Head of Leadership Development at The Blind Tiger Wellness & Smoke Essentials, brings a unique bark to our leadership team. As a French Bulldog with a no-tail policy, he’s all about moving forward and not chasing the past. His paw of approval is a sought-after endorsement among the team, and his playful antics keep the spirit of camaraderie high. With Prince's presence, every day is a 'paw-sitive' adventure, making him an indispensable, furry member of our management team.

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