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The best daytime gummy just got better and wellness has never felt this good! When you need to really get going you can trust Day Bear for a kick unlike anything you’ve ever experienced! Our formula is designed to combat physical and mental ailments while providing natural energy, laser focus, increased euphoria and gut inflammatory support. The only question is what will you be able to accomplish when your day is powered by the bear?!


Day Bear now features our CANNAPEAK™ Enhanced Dual Delivery Broad Spectrum Cannabinoid Matrix: CBD (10mg) / CBG (10mg) / CBC (10mg) /  THCV (10mg) – 40mg total per gummy


CANNAPEAK™ is our latest scientific breakthrough in cannabinoid absorption technology. Through partnership with international pharmaceutical labs we have developed a proprietary self microemulsifying drug delivery system also known as a SMEDDS, that pushes active ingredients into circulation faster and sustains higher peak circulation for longer periods than other cbd products.

CANNAPEAK™ delivers its active material in two stages through utilization of a unique dual solubility matrix. This two part delivery provides users with both rapid absorption and slower sustained release while protecting the cannabinoids from degradation during circulation.


Promotes- Daily Wellness, Positive Mood and Energy
Support for- Energy, Inflammation, Discomfort, Stress, Mood, Gut
Actives- CBD, CBG, CBC, THCV
Flavor- Mango
Delivery Method- CANNAPEAK™ Dual Delivery
Ratio- 10/10/10/10 (40mg per)

Day Bear CBD:CBG:CBC:THCv Gummies


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