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Nighttime Gummy 1:1 (CBD/CBN)


Say hello to the new Sleepy Bear, now 3X stronger and more bioavailable than our original formula. Our 1:1 gummies combine a blend of CBD and CBN to keep you snoozing comfortably night after night! This formula is designed to provide natural support for physical and mental discomfort while promoting relaxation and sedation. This melatonin-free formula is a perfect alternative for those who need extra strength results but suffer from sensitivity to melatonin or other sleep aids. Not just for sleep, consume every evening to promote lower levels of inflammation the following day.


Feel Effects Faster, Feel Effects Longer, Feel Effects Stronger with CANNAPEAK™:

Powered by CANNAPEAK™ enhanced cannabinoids, our new cutting-edge sleep gummies merge the best of pharmaceutical science and nature so you get your best night’s sleep. Using a proprietary two-stage delivery system, our dual solubility matrix provides users with the combined benefits of rapid absorption and slower sustained circulation. CANNAPEAK™’s active materials safeguard our cannabinoids from degradation, maximizing their effectiveness, increasing their total bioavailability, and allowing for a higher average blood concentration level compared to other CBD products. Research suggests that when compared to other absorption methods, CANNAPEAK™ provides a more consistent user experience with faster, stronger, and longer-lasting effects.*


You can get too much of a good thing and boy are these gummies strong, to assess tolerance with the stronger potency we recommend for users who were taking 1 gummy of our old formula to start with 1/2 gummy and users who were taking 2-3 gummies to start with one gummy and work up as needed.


Promotes - Healthy Sleep Patterns, Inflammatory Relief
Support for - Insomnia, Inflammation, Discomfort
Actives - CBD, CBN
Flavor - Cloudberry (New)
Delivery Method- CANNAPEAK™ Dual Delivery
Potency - 15/15 (30mg per gummy)

Sleepy Bear CBD:CBN Gummies


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